Offices in Chicago, Rolling Meadows and Melrose Park
Offices in Chicago, Rolling Meadows and Melrose Park

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The Law Offices of Carlos H. Davalos vigorously defends traffic ticket and traffic misdemeanor cases.  We maintain three offices in Chicago, Melrose Park, and Rollling Meadows in order to meet expeditiously with clients facing a traffic case. Traffic tickets are issued when police officers believe they have observed a traffic violation per the Illinois Traffic Code.  Our Law Offices have been successful in defending traffic ticket cases and having the tickets either dismissed or reduced.  To do so we keep up with changes to the traffic laws and otherwise have an expert understanding of the Illinois Traffic Code.  This page is written in an effort at helping you better understand your traffic case. Traffic cases that require the expertise of a seasoned traffic defense lawyer include:

Driving Over The Speed Limit 625 ILCS 5/11-601

Following Too Closely 625 ILCS 5/11-710

Speeding in a Construction Zone 625 ILCS 5/11-605(b)

Assessing Moving Violations

Many traffic violations are also considered moving violations.  Accumulating too many traffic convictions in a 24 or 36 month span could lead to the suspension or revocation of your driver’s license privileges. Traffic Lawyer Carlos H. Davalos is adept at avoiding convictions on your driving record. This is especially pertinent to holders of TVDL licenses, where one conviction on a traffic offense could lead to the confiscation of the TVDL.  In addition to drivers license consequences, some traffic offenses are so serious that they are classified as Class A Misdemeanors, implicating possible jail time and high fines.  To properly analyze the severity and possible consequences of your traffic ticket, you can be greatly assisted by a traffic attorney who is experienced in reading the traffic code and your motor vehicle record.

Avoiding Drivers License Suspension

Accumulating too many movers may lead to the suspension of your drivers license.  Typically, 3 convictions entered within a year will create a period of suspension for your driving privileges.   Therefore, it is imperative to avoid traffic convictions at all costs to evade suspension time on your drivers license. A trained Traffic Attorney will be able to resolve your traffic case using a number of techniques:

Have the Ticket dismissed by agreement or via court hearing

Obtaining a court disposition of court supervision for the underlying traffic offense

Requesting a diversion program which could lead to the dismissal of your traffic ticket

Gdl Youth License

At The Law Offices of Carlos H. Davalos we also defend holders of the youth-based graduated drivers license. This license is subject to tougher sanctions for traffic violations than the adult drivers license. In thse situations, even two convictions accumulated for traffic violations will often result in the suspension of the drivers license.  Courts and State’s Attorneys are also less willing to grant minors court supervision on their traffic cases without additional conditions, for example, traffic school. Reinstatement of driving privileges for minors can be pricey, starting at $70. A smart traffic ticket attorney can be very helpful in avoiding the myriad of consequences that can occur to a minor holder of a drivers license.

Reducers On Traffic Ticket Citations

There are certain traffic offenses, for example, driving over 25 miles over the speed limit, where a disposition of court supervision may be barred by law. Therefore, on serious traffic ticket cases, the prospect of jail, conviction, or both can be very real.  An experienced traffic lawyer will be better able to help you avoid these serious consequences to your driving record and your freedom.  In some situations, it helps to be adept at pre-trial negotiations where an offense that is otherwise barred from receiving court supervision can be reduced to an offense that does qualify for court supervision.

Traffic Ticket Defense

If you are charged with a traffic offense or a DUI, do not go to court simply with the intent to plead guilty. Go with an attorney that can help you prevent present as well as future consequences that can arise as a result of your ticket.  Contact The Law Offices of Carlos H. Davalos to begin the protection of your record and drivers license privileges today.

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