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The Law Offices of Carlos H. Davalos frequently defends cases in Maywood Courthouse with regard to DUI, Domestic Violence, and Felony case matters. Maywood Courthouse is located at 1500 Maybrook Drive in Maywood, Illinois. The county of Cook contains 6 Districts in part because of the vastness of the county itself. The courthouse in Maywood represents District 4.


Typically, a case is assigned in Maywood if the person was arrested on the part of police agencies in Bellwood, Berwyn, Brookfield, Cicero, Forest Park, Franklin Park, Hillside, Maywood, Melrose Park, Northlake, North Riverside, Oak Park, River Forest, Rivergrove, Riverside, y Westchester.


There are many different kinds of courtrooms in Maywood which serve different aspects and different cases in the Courthouse. Oftentimes the first courtroom which many people assigned to Maywood find themselves in is in the basement in Room 113. This room serves as Bond Court for Maywood on weekdays for those arrested 24-48 hours prior. The courtroom is open in the morning at 9AM for Misdemeanor bond hearings and at 1:30PM for felony bond hearings.  The case call in this room move quickly, with the primary objective being to reassign the case to one of the many misdemeanor and felony courtrooms at the courthouse.

ROOM 104

Room 104 is dedicated to Maywood’s Domestic Violence court call. If the case is not charged as a felony and it implicates any violence allegedly directed at family members or loved ones, the case will be assigned here.  Court starts promptly at 9am with the call frequently running to 1PM or later on its busy days.

ROOM 102

If after appearing in Room 113 your case is assigned to Room 102 at 9am, then your case has been charged and is proceeding as a felony. The 9am call in Room 102 hears all preliminary hearings with regard to felony cases in Maywood .  After the bond hearing, the preliminary hearing represents the next step in a felony case. Tipically, the police officer or officers who arrested you will also be present.  But an experienced attorney will not waive your preliminary hearing right outright, with seasoned practitioners knowing that there are many opportunities at this stage to have charges dismissed, reduce charges, and seek out programs that can assist a client in avoiding a conviction.  If the initial advice you receive at this stage is for a prompt waiver of the preliminary hearing, that should raise a red flag in your mind.

At 1:30pm Courtroom 102 has different uses. Sometimes it serves as a court call for traffic and DUI cases. But it aso provides court for individuals who were accepted into programs like mental health court, drug court, and TASC Probation court.

ROOMS 105, 107, 108

These three courtrooms represent the felony trial call courtrooms in Maywood.  If your case is transferred out of 102 then, unless the case was diverted elsewhere by your attorney, the case will be assigned to one of these three courtrooms for the remainder of your case. Every room has its particular nuances with respect to courtroom protocol and the members who represent the State’s Attorneys Office. Should your case get this far it will be in your best interests to have an attorney defending you who is familiar with the members and procedures of each courtroom, as oftentimes, these factors vary immensely from courtroom to courtroom.


Having addressed the domestic violence and felony courtrooms, the rest of the courtrooms dedicate themselves to the expansive call of traffic cases, DUI, and criminal misdemeanors arising out of District 4 Maywood. Sometimes the representative for the government is the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office, and sometimes it is a Village Prosecutor. An astute attorney will know not only the details of your case, but who your prosecutor is as well. The judges assigned to these courtrooms rotate intermittently in accord with scheduling.


It is imperative that your attorney have a working familiarity of the ongoings inside Maywood for you to have a successful result. Not knowing how Maywood operates may have a negative effect in the outcome of your case. The Law Offices of Carlos H. Davalos has significant experience in assisting clients in Maywood District 4. Contact us today for your free consultation and experienced defense counsel in Maywood Courthouse.

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