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When confronting a criminal case, go with a criminal defense attorney you can trust.  Criminal defense attorney Davalos has won felony jury trials in Chicago's courtrooms as well as a bevy of misdemeanor criminal trials on behalf of his clients. Both a seasoned litigator and skilled negotiator, Attorney Davalos is familiar with all the court districts in Cook and DuPage county and he will ensure that your defense gets every shot at winning a positive result. Do not put your legal defense in the hands of a law group where no one person is in charge of directing your defense in court. Concentrate your legal defense in the hands of criminal defense lawyer Carlos H. Davalos, an attorney who has been recognized nationally as one of the best in Illinois.


Upon being retained, criminal attorney Carlos H. Davalos will take your case and dissect it from all angles to determine where and when we can get a positive result:

• Weak or Favorable Evidence- A criminal case with weak State evidence opens the door to the possiblity of the charges being dismissed. An experienced criminal attorney will put that situation to your advantage.  Also, there may be opportunities for a charge reduction where the defense considers that appropriate to consider.

• Bench or Jury Trial- In cases where the evidence is more borderline or where the client delivers a compelling version of events, a jury trial or bench trial may be the appropriate avenue towards achieving the best result. If the client wants to fight the case, criminal attorney Davalos will go into the fight with you. When push comes to shove, the State knows that attorney Davalos always has a shot at winning at trial and that presents favorable opportunities for your interests, up to and including case dismissal.

• Strong Government Case- Even in these situations where the State's case is solid and substantial, we can use time tested negotiation skills and our familiarity with the court system in order to obtain for you a positive result. Attorney Davalos approach is not one where the State is demonized. Some attorneys refuse to negotiate and treat the oppositional state's attorneys with disdain, we do not.  Indeed, criminal defense lawyer Carlos Davalos was once actually a member of the Cook County State's Attorney's Office. His approach is to keep lines of communication open at all times and that sometimes leads to charge reductions in many of his felony cases to misdemeanor reducers. Its not about us blindly telling you to beat your case, its about us getting you the best result in your case.


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Throughout the years many clients have placed their case in the hands of Attorney Carlos H. Davalos.  You can trust that our firm will look at your case in its entirety and advise you towards the best positive result. But also, we take the time to listen to the client and in times where the client seeks to press the issue against the State, we will also be there to ensure it is done in the most effective manner possible.


Our goal is to always achieve a result in every case, no matter the severity of the case or the notoriety of the client seeking our help. Our philosophy has earned us national accolades along the way:

• Criminal Defense Lawyer Carlos H. Davalos has been recognized every year as a Top 100 Criminal Defense Lawyer by the "National Trial Lawyers" organization since 2013.

• Attorney Davalos has been an accredited member of the "National College of DUI Defense," representing the best of the best among the DUI field, since 2013.

• Attorney Davalos retains active membership in many national and local criminal defense and attorney organizations including the "National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers" and the "Northwest Suburban Bar Association."


When hiring an criminal denfense attorney for your case, you are not only hiring a legally trained defender in charge of your legal defense. You are also hiring a speaker, an advocate; and what is effectively 'your' voice in that court of law.  Ensure that your voice is heard. Ensure that your voice is effective.  Contact the Law Offices of Carlos H. Davalos and begin your criminal defense today.

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