Drivers License Hearings

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Attorney Carlos H. Davalos is particularly adept at fighting for his clients right to drive in informal and formal hearings in front of the Secretary of State. Attorney Davalos has represented a vast number of clients in hearings with regard to regaining their drivers license or trying to obtain a work permit in Chicago and Joliet. We also represent clients seeking to avoid license suspension because of the Illinois Safety Responsibility Law.

Secretary of State Drivers License Hearing Lawyer

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A Secretary of State formal hearing is no time to rely on an attorney that has only done a few hearings and doesn't know what the Secretary of State is looking for in granting driving relief. Experience here matters, and The Law Offices of Carlos H. Davalos has obtained relief for clients countless times.  Whether its an informal hearing in front of an administrative judge at a DMV facility or a formal hearing in Chicago at 17 N. State Street, Attorney Davalos has delivered results.

Preparing for a Formal Hearing

Drivers License Reinstatement Attorney Carlos H. Davalos knows that the burden is not on the State, but on the Petitioner to prove that they will no longer be a danger to the public while on the road.  As such, a lot of the case preparation involves getting a client to articulate that conclusion in front of a hearing officer. At The Law Offices of Carlos H. Davalos, we:

  • Read any prior orders involving the client denying or granting relief knowing the Secretary of State will want proof that any prior issues have been successfully resolved.
  • Read the alcohol evaluation with a fine toothed comb, knowledge of specific numbers in that evaluation are very important to the Secretary of State.
  • Prepare a list of bullet points as well as hold mock practice hearings to ensure the client will be prepared come the hearing date.

Administrative Hearing Lawyer Carlos H. Davalos

Experience matters with these hearings. Don't go it alone and possibly lose a pro se hearing with that result later being used against you in a subsequent hearing.  Contact the Law Offices of Carlos H. Davalos and begin your drivers license hearing preparation today. Offices in Melrose Park and Chicago.

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