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Settle for Nothing Less: Attorney Carlos H. Davalos


When you have been charged with a crime, both your freedom AND your future are on the line. Settle for nothing less than smart, tactile and aggressive representation. You can trust that The Law Offices of Carlos H. Davalos will fight for your rights and freedom every step of the way.

A Former Cook County States Attorney Member

Attorney (Abogado) Carlos H. Davalos is a former member of the Cook County State's Attorney's Office in Chicago, what is now the second largest State's Attorney's Office in the nation.

During his time at the State's Attorney's Office, Mr. Davalos was assigned to the Felony Narcotics Division at 26th and California in Chicago, where he dealt directly with the prosecuting of individuals facing major felony offenses with respect to the possession and intent to deliver controlled substances, including cocaine and cannibis.  Working with the government, Attorney Davalos oversaw litigation against motions filed by the defense, as well as jury trials where the defense declared innocence against all charges.

Now knowing what the state knows, attorney Davalos aggressively puts the knowledge he gained in the felony division to use in defense of his clients, defending people accused of all types of felony and misdemeanor crimes, including aggravated DUI offenses, misdemeanor DUI offenses, state and federal drug charges, battery, domestic violence and domestic battery cases, and retail theft charges.

Nationally Recognized Criminal Defense Attorney

Our Law Offices have been routinely recognized by nearly all the national lawyer ratings organizations every year for our work in the areas of Criminal Defense and DUI Defense.  Consider that:

'Since the year 2013, Attorney Carlos H. Davalos has been consistently named by the "National Trial Lawyers Organization" as a Top 100 Trial Lawyer in the field of criminal defense in the State of Illinois.'

'Attorney Davalos has also been recognized as a premier defender of DUI cases within the State of Illinois since 2013. Mr. Davalos is an accredited member of the NCDD.  The NCDD, or "National College of DUI Defense," is a DUI accredited national organization that only accepts the best DUI defense lawyers in the United States.'

'In 2017, Attorney Davalos was finally recognized by the lawyer ratings organization "Super Lawyers" as being one of the outstanding criminal defense lawyers in the State of Illinois.'

'Attorney Davalos retains active and current membership status with various bar and criminal defense associations including the "Illinois State Bar Association," the "National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers," and the "Dupage County Bar Association."

Simply put, Attorney Carlos H. Davalos is the defense attorney with the relevant and time tested experience to fight your case.

Concentrating In DUI Defense


At The Law Offices of Carlos H. Davalos, we understand that you have a number of choices when deciding which attorney to take your case. Some attorneys work in many fields like immigration and family law and do not concentrate in DUI cases. Attorney Davalos does concentrate in DUI cases and has also been recognized by the NCDD, or "National College of DUI Defense," as a premier DUI defense attorney in the State of Illinois.

Don't make the mistake of going to your first court appearance for a DUI with the sole purpose of pleading guilty. Speak with an experienced DUI defense attorney first. There are defenses. Attorney Carlos H. Davalos knows these defenses. We are here to help you.

DUI attorney Carlos H. Davalos vigorously defends people facing misdemeanor DUI and aggravated Felony DUI charges in the Cook, DuPage, and Will County areas. Felony DUI courtrooms in those Counties can be imposing, but we have been there. We know those courtrooms. Let the experience of DUI lawyer Carlos H. Davalos walk in with you, our firm can explain the entire process to you down to the last detail.

'Experience You Can Trust'

Focusing exclusively on criminal defense, attorney Carlos Davalos has a complete understanding of Illinois criminal procedures and statutes. We have, and regularly continue, to represent clients charged with major felonies in the class 2, 1, and X range within Cook, DuPage, Will and Lake Counties. We defend juveniles and minors accused of major felonies in juvenile courts throughout Illinois. Make no mistake; the defense of major felony offenses is our strong suit.

What We Do Better Than The Rest: We put the pieces together faster, anticipate the options available, and can have strategies laid out for you months in advance of actual court dates. We don't need to react to what the state is doing, because we know everything they can, and oftentimes will, do. We set the pace.

The Client Is Heard: Our firm strongly believes that an informed and involved client is a critical component of the defense. Thus, you will not be shut out. Clients work hand in hand with Mr. Davalos throughout their entire case, and not with paralegals or assistants oblivious to the issues pertinent in your matter. Our goal remains the same at all times: Beat The Case!

Misdemeanor Traffic Violations

Attorney Davalos has always endeavored to defend everybody, and that includes those persons charged with misdemeanor traffic violations and infractions. In these cases, we may not always be talking about prison, but we are talking about people's driver's licenses, their driving and criminal records, and protecting one's ability to work.

Criminal Defense Lawyer: Attorney Carlos H. Davalos

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Before showing up to court and openly admitting guilt, stop...think...and speak with an attorney first. Let us succinctly explain what the options are. The initial consultation is free of charge and there is no obligation. But should you retain us, your criminal defense begins immediately.  Go with proven experience, contact The Law Offices of Carlos H. Davalos today.

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